HB Canoes and Kayaks Holiday with a Difference

HB Canoes and Kayaks are offering Brits who are stay-at-home holidaymakers the chance to enjoy a very memorable summer holiday in 2014. HB are inviting those who opt for a ‘staycation’ to join their very classy location on River Wye for a summer filled with fun and excitement with a taste of adventure which is great for the whole family and friends.

With a huge variety of kayaks and canoes to buy and you can also take an on site trial, you can also stop by the campsite just right next door in a very scenic location, HB Canoes and Kayaks  give you a holiday experience of your dreams.

Most holidaymakers from the UK are opting to stay and enjoy their own country instead of traveling abroad, and the whole team of HB Canoes and Kayaks are inviting families, groups of friends and couples to try out a whole new selection of kayaks and canoes for which you can try your new skills. Come and spend a quality time with your friends and family at HB Canoes and Kayaks.

Philippa Hale, Owner of HB Canoes and Kayaks says, “Though we are not a holiday provider in any sense of the word, over the years, we have grown accustomed to holidaymakers visiting us for long weekends or entire weeks, staying at the campsite next door and embarking up and down the River Wye on our high-quality branded canoes and kayaks. We’re based on the lovely Burhope Farm, which has a free range egg-producing facility and fields of cattle and sheep just next door, and with a campsite just around the back of our shop, we can see why people are making a holiday of coming to choose a brand new canoe!”

Canoeing and kayaking make for great holiday activities for any group, and the expert canoe providers are fully equipped with all the biggest brand names and newest releases, to provide a comprehensive selection for all visitors. The expert team at HB Canoes and Kayaks are always available on-site for advice and tips, whether visitors are total canoeing beginners or seasoned pros looking for the high-spec kit that will take their journeys to the next level.

Burhope Farm is a wonderful location off the beaten track, and an ideal rural getaway for canoeing experts or complete amateurs who want to take up a new hobby and hone a fantastic new skill. HB Canoes and Kayaks is in a prime location to offer camping facilities and equipment assistance that will satisfy even the most discerning canoeist, making for a quirky and dynamic holiday destination.

To find out more about HB Canoes and Kayaks, visit their website: http://www.hbcanoekayak.co.uk/