Have a wonderful break by hiring a luxury house

Having a staycation instead of flying off to sunnier climes has been growing steadily in popularity in recent years, and it has made many realise just how beautiful our country is and what amazing facilities are on offer to the holidaymaker.

One way that these staycationers are making these experience even more special by making their accommodation choice that of a luxury house. These are readily available to rent throughout the UK and a specialist company is helping more and more of us to make this happen.

The Beautiful House Company may sound like a property specialist but their line of business is a little different top what you may think. The Beautiful House Company specialise in making some of the incredible properties in the UK available for hire, and that really does include some quite remarkable properties indeed.

‘We always loved the idea of being able to allow people to hire stately homes, wonderful mansions and even castles. Luckily, we have been able to do that and we have been making peoples’ dreams come true ever since we started’, explained a representative from The Beautiful House Company. ‘These are the sort of properties that few of us will ever get the chance to own – barring a lottery win – so to have the chance to make it your own, if only for a few days, really is something special and it can help people have a little sample of living like a lord or lady.’

The Beautiful House Company has properties available all over the UK including some wonderful mansions, stunning country houses and castles to hire, though this does beg the question, why would you really want luxury houses to hire? After all, that’s a lot of room to fill, but as the company point out, there are some good reasons why you may need to hire a rather spacious and grandiose setting.

‘Some of our properties for hire may be too much for a couple or a family but they can represent a simply perfect location for a big family event or a meeting with lots of friends. What could be better than to have a fantastic get together in a beautiful and historic country house or in a castle? It will provide memories that you can all treasure forever…or at least until the next time you hire one of our locations!

If the thought of luxury houses to hire seems like a wonderful idea then why not find out more by checking The Beautiful House Company’s website at www.thebeautifulhousecompany.com.