Halifax has a great deal to offer its visitors

In West Yorkshire is the town of Halifax which is probably most famous internationally for making chocolate. The Macintosh company once manufactured chocolate, but they have now been purchased by the enormous company Nestlé. Even though this town is mostly associated with chocolate, there are plenty of other things for visitors to see in the area.

One of the highlights would be the mediaeval church in the village which has roots dating back to the 1100s. The history of the church is fascinating and visitors who are interested in architecture will be particularly impressed.

There is also a rather interesting, but morbid, attraction in the town which can be found on Gibbet Street. This is a location in the town where executions used to take place and during the 17th century these were mostly done by guillotine. There is an early form of the device on this street which is called the Halifax Gibbet. This device remained in use until the mid-17th century as the main method of execution.

On a brighter note, there is also a museum here which is specifically targeted towards children as it has many different activities for children to explore and plenty of hands-on learning. The museum has a focus on science and there is a great deal for children to learn about the human body, the jungle and the Mojave Desert in Nevada. This is a location that is particularly popular for schools who are organising a trip to Halifax.