Guide to Shoreditch, East London.

Things to do and see in Shoreditch, London
The epicentre of art, imagination, talent and creativity, Shoreditch is located in East London. It is an inner city area within the London Borough of Hackney and is north of the City of London.

Shoreditch was home to artists like Alexander McQueen, Gary Hume and Tracey Emin. With several events taking place in this part of London, architects and filmmakers obviously got attracted and soon the area became an artistic and happening area with art galleries, trendy bars and venues for music events. Indeed, Shoreditch has grown leaps and bounds in the past 20 years.

The area is a much-admired place for students, artists, celebrities and other creative people. It has a distinct charm and style that is hard to beat. Look at the architecture of Shoreditch and you surely will be smitten.

We have listed some of Shoreditch’s top attractions below.
Geffrye Museum
Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how homes have changed in 400 years? At Geffrye, that’s exactly what you find. Founded in the year 1914, the museum focuses on the history of English domestic interiors. It is named after Sir Robert Geffrye, a former Lord Mayor of London.

The museum shows various styles of English domestic interior from the 1600s. Take a walk and you’ll see the captivating evolution from Georgian interiors to Victorian decor. This also reflects how the society has changed in style, behaviour, tastes and preferences in these years. Outside, you can explore the museum’s period gardens famous for its horticultural expertise.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday. Free admission.
Dennis Sever’s House
Dennis Sever’s House was created in the year 1724 and captures 18th century life the way it was lived by Huguenot silk weavers. All rooms have been transformed into tableaux vivants designed to take visitors to a different world and through alovely experience. Located in Folgate Street, this historic gem lets you experience the smells and sensations of a different time.
Wesley’s Chapel and House
The attraction traces the history of Methodism from as early as the 18th century. It was built by an Anglican divine and theologian John Wesley and includes the assets relating to John Wesley and also his personal library.

Markets in Shoreditch are world famous but not just for buying stuff; they give you an actual artsy tour. You’ll find countless of markets in the area, most mentionable are Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane Market and Petticoat Lane Market. These are definitely must-visit places.

Spitalfields offer an interesting and trendy range of clothes, bags, ornaments and quirky vintage items. The market also houses an organic food hall.

Brick Lane Market is known for its vintage stalls and eccentric crafts by different designers and you can indulge in rich Ethiopian coffee, tapas and a lot more. The market is open every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Petticoat Lane Market was established 400 years ago. It is a fashion market that comprises Wentworth Street Market and Middlesex Street Market. Check out clothes, watches and other items at unbelievable prices.

Surely you don’t need any more convincing now, the area truly amazes everyone with its varied culture, market offering and vibrant style. Visit Shoreditch, stay in Shoreditch and let the area bowl you over.