A Guide to Blackpool Accommodation

Visiting Blackpool is something everybody born in the UK has or will do at least once in their life. You are simply not British if you have not been to Blackpool, bought a stick or rock or eaten chips walking down the Promenade. However if you are young and your parents have never taken you well don’t worry because your bound to end up in a holidays in Blackpool on either a stag night or hen night. In the USA these are called bachelor or bachelorette parties and usually end up with copious amounts of alcohol being consumed and everyone having a great time whilst the ‘intended’ celebrates their last few nights of freedom.

Holidays in Blackpool can be range from a day trip to a holiday lasting a week or even a fortnight. However we would like to make sure that visiting Blackpool is a pleasant visit and not ruined by you Blackpool accommodation or area your staying in.

For Families & Older Couples

Families with kids no matter what age should ALWAYS stay in south shore. This is seen as the quieter end of Blackpool and is to be honest where the world famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach is situated. The central part of town is seen as the party capital of England with its various pubs, bars and disco’s open until early in the morning. If a Blackpool Short break is what your after or you have kids.

However don’t think that because you are in South Shore you are going to miss anything. A tram or bus will get you into town at anytime day or night to see the other piers and Blackpool Tower, alternatively you can stroll the promenade perhaps the most famous in the world and certainly the first to be lit by electric light and be in central Blackpool in 20 to 25 minutes. South Shore still has its own pier though with a number of white knuckle rides even more outrageous than the Pepsi Max big one and there are plenty of dining options including 3 large pubs where families are welcome these includes one Wetherspoons outlet called The Auctioneer famous for its low prices and good value food and drink.

When Booking Your Accommodation

When you are on the phone to the B&B in Blackpool or Guesthouse or even your hotel make sure you ask the following questions.

Are there any meters in the room? (Some places still have electricity meters)
Do you have to pay extra for the Television? (Does it have a meter)
Is their Tea & Coffee making facilities? (and are these included in the price)
Is the Room En-Suite? (With shower or bath you would be surprised the number of providers in Blackpool who do not provide the basic necessities)

What time is Breakfast? And when do you have to check out by?

Also enquire if they are able to provide you with a parking space. Many B&B’s cannot and where they can may charge you for this service. Public car parks in Blackpool can cost up to £12 sterling per day.

We hope this information is of some use to you and that you will take our advice and book carefully.