Group Holidays in the UK

Pulling into the service station and entering to the smell of fresh coffee is the first sign of how close you are to starting your group vacation.  The excitement is contagious throughout the party and with just a couple of miles to go until you reach the campsite – everybody is officially in holiday mode.

Group holidays in the UK are all about enjoying every moment along the way.  The road trip between farmlands and beaches flies by with some sweets and car games.  The kids always fall asleep eventually and give you the chance to soak up the joys of the open road.  Your final destination – a holiday home with your favourite people, on a campsite tailor made for 24 hour enjoyment.

British holidays have become so popular in recent years and there are loads of sites to choose from up and down the coast.  With a sandy beach in one direction and a green countryside in the other, your group will be holidaying properly – a peaceful location surrounded by multiple places of interest.

The best thing about large family holidays is that there is always loads to do.  You can play big family games on the grass at the site, or convoy-up again in the cars and head off to the local fun park.  Taking it in turns to make the big family dinners at night really takes a load off and chatting away into the night afterwards keeps the fun going 24/7.

Retreating to your own private quarters in your luxury caravan, after everybody has had a great night, you can snug up warm and get a nice restful sleep which prepares you for another day of holiday happiness.

If you wake with the early risers out of your corporate holidays group, sharing a pot of tea outside while the sun comes up can become your morning ritual.  When the lazy ones decide to make a move, cook up a big breakfast and fuel your bellies for the day’s activities.

Most of the parks in the UK have amazing features included in their holiday package like archery lessons, jet-assisted diving, water slides, bumper cars, climbing walls, bike rides – there is all kinds to get stuck into.

For the days when the group wants to take it a bit easy and recuperate some energy, spoil yourselves at the onsite cafe for breakfast and take a nice walk down to the local country pub for lunch.  Chilling out at the caravan for a day is the luxury you always have – the beach will still be there tomorrow.