Group holidays boost UK bookings

More and more Britons are starting to take their annual holidays or long weekend breaks in the UK, mainly due to the fact that they are trying to save money, but also because more of us are realising just what our own country has to offer in the way of tourist attractions.

Group holiday bookings in particular, where friends or family members all decide to take a holiday together, are up almost 20% as people discover just how much money they can save and just how much fun it is to explore the UK with others.

Tourism standards in many parts of Europe have been falling for some time now, with poor accommodation and tasteless food now considered par for the course in some areas of Spain. The UK tourism industry, on the other hand, has always prided itself in offering quality to its visitors, from the lowliest seaside B&B to the five star city centre hotels.

Add in the fact that many people are becoming tired with long-distance flights and the tedious security processes at many airports and it is not difficult to see why UK holidays are becoming more popular.

The weather may not be as warm or reliable as southern Europe, but at least when you visit a UK beach you are guaranteed certain standards of cleanliness; in fact more than 70 British beaches have been awarded the EU’s Blue Flag for outstanding water quality. Accommodation in British seaside resorts hasn’t changed much over the years, with guest houses and B&Bs providing simple but comfortable rooms, while caravan parks allow visitors to be a bit more independent.

Many beach resorts have their own holiday parks, which are a great idea for those travelling in large groups with lots of children. The kids can amuse themselves playing on the park’s various amenities, while the adults relax and enjoy their own holiday.

Many of these parks are adding better features all the time, to try and attract more visitors such as indoor swimming pools with slides, mini golf courses and sports complexes. Some of these parks have seen the success of others and copied their best ideas, allowing children and adults to try more unusual activities such as archery and even fencing.

Most of the time you can walk between the different your caravan and the different attractions, but in some of the larger sites you can hire electric vehicles to get you from A to B, an environmentally friendly and much quieter option than firing up the car every time you want to go for a swim or need to pop to the store.

These parks are beginning to realise the importance of green holidays, as more people choose not to travel abroad because of the damage that flying does to the environment.