Great holidays await at Brixham Holiday cottages in Devon

Brixham Holiday cottages, situated in Devon, are a renowned destination spot. Visited by millions of people each year, it offers a unique blend of entertainment along with the fun and excitement. The fishing town of Devon is attractive for having marvelous lakes and rivers, offering open camping and picnic opportunities to families and friends. The cottages feature a luxurious lifestyle and welcome all small and large groups of people.

A lot of beaches, gardens, castles, national parks, golf courses, and adventure destinations are located near Brixham Holiday cottages. You can go to pubs for tasty wines and visit famous eateries to unwind the food culture of Brixham. There are many good themed gardens to delight you. Visit these gardens one-by-one to learn more about the exquisiteness of the city.

A number of good species, plants, herbs, shrubs, botanical plants, trees, and flowers are being grown in the Battery gardens that lie at a short distance from the Brixham Holiday cottages. You can go there easily by car after taking your breakfast.

You will be amazed by the splendour of the plants and flowers, some of which have been growing before the World War II. Most people visit these gardens early in the morning, either with families or in a big group so that they cal also absorb the view of the French Riviera coastline that can be seen easily from the site.

The Berry Head is another worth-visiting garden located near the Brixham Holiday cottages. Going there is easy and quick. Just take a bus or travel by your personal car and you will reach there in a matter of minutes.

The garden has a rich history and beautiful fortresses that are now known as ancient monuments of UK. The garden has a lot of rare plants and flowers that survived due to the thin soil and moderate climate of the area.