Music festival night scene

Going To A Music Festival? Here Are Some Of Our Top Tips

If you enjoy live music, then a festival is the best place to catch all your favourite acts. The UK boasts some of the world’s biggest and best events, from Reading and Leeds Festival to the national treasure that is Glastonbury. Whether you’re an old hand at this or it’s your first time heading to a festival, there are always a few tips and tricks to learn. Here’s our advice for when you head to your next weekend of music.

Pack ice to keep things cool

Summer temperatures can easily push into the high 30s, and you’ll be in desperate need of a cool drink. What if you could supply your own chilled drinks, rather than queuing for ages to buy an expensive one from a bar? Well, freeze a few water bottles before you go, and you can do exactly that. Pack the bottles of ice together with your other beverages, and make sure they’re all well insulated (you can just wrap them in spare clothes). By the time you arrive you’ll have plenty of iced water to drink, as well as chilled beverages. That’s the perfect way to start any summer festival!

Charge your gadgets . . . if you’re taking any

Generally speaking, you want to take as few valuable possessions as possible to a music festival. Some events are even going cashless, using an RFID bracelet to complete transactions in order to cut down on pickpocketing. Phones are generally an essential, though, so you’ll need to consider how you’ll keep it charged. A “powerbrick” can be a smart idea, particularly if there are several of you attending the festival together. The alternative is to pay for charging at one of the event’s vendors, though this can be expensive.

You don’t have to rough it

The “festival experience” for many people wouldn’t be complete without sleepless nights and sweaty days with no showers. This isn’t mandatory, though, and you certainly can avoid this part of the experience if you want to. Rather than sleeping in a tent on-site, why not book a local Airbnb? As long as you book far enough in advance you can easily find somewhere that’s close by. This lets you get away from the madness whenever you want to, and return, showered and well-rested, when you feel like it.

Going to a music festival in the UK

We’re spoiled for choice in the UK, with festivals that cater to almost any music taste. From the broad appeal of V Fest to giant heavy-metal events like Download, to tiny niche festivals like ArcTanGent, there’s something for everyone. With these top tips, you’re bound to have a great weekend.