Get Outdoors or Explore the History of Weymouth

Tourists who enjoy taking a breath of fresh salt air and watching boats sailing in and out of port will probably love a visit to Weymouth in Dorset.  This small seaport town is well known for its sailing and was the site of the 2012 Summer Olympics sailing competitions.  Water sports are a popular activity in this community because of its location sitting at the mouth of the River Wey and on the coast of the English Channel.
Weymouth’s Coastal Community
While fishing and trading were two of the trades developed in the area, tourism is its biggest industry now. Most tourists are drawn to the town to enjoy the three miles of Weymouth Beach, which has been noted as one of the top 10 UK beach destinations. If you are thinking of visiting Weymouth yourself, then it might be a good idea to search for hotels in Weymouth.

There are several events that happen on the beach throughout the year, including the Beach Kite Festival in May, the Beach Volleyball Classic and the International Fireworks Display, both in August.

The beach weather is mild most of the year, but the summer months are especially nice with temperatures hovering in the mid to high teens C°.  The summer months are also relatively dry compared to the rest of the year and citizens and tourists alike can enjoy plenty of sunshine throughout the summer. Weymouth is known as “England’s Bay of Naples”, no doubt due in part to the lovely summer weather they get to experience.
Places to Visit in Weymouth
You can visit a wide variety of sea life at the Sea Life Center located in Weymouth.  Their organisation helps to save and rehabilitate sea animals in distress in their 36 locations throughout the world.  The Weymouth location features seals, penguins, giant crabs and sea dragons. You can hold a crab or starfish in their interactive area or walk under a tunnel while viewing sharks, tropical fish or sea turtles swimming overhead.

Take an outdoor adventure at the Jurassic Safari in nearby Dorset.  You will ride in one of their 4 x 4 Range Rover’s and observe deer, cross a river or visit other nearby attractions.  There are many outdoor activities to enjoy while visiting the Weymouth at Dorset area that you and the whole family will enjoy.
Historical Weymouth
With history dating back until the 1200s, the history of Weymouth is important to its citizens and is present in many of the festivities and activities of the area.  The Old Town Hall Christmas Arts & Gifts Fayre celebrates Victorian England with many events including live musical events.

The Old Harbour in Weymouth also reflects the history of the area with buildings such as The Tudor House, which was believed to be built during the Tudor period and the Hope Independent Chapel from 1862.  The old section of Weymouth along the harbour can be enjoyed by any amateur historian.

Whether outdoor activities or exploring history interests you, you will find plenty to do in Weymouth at Dorset.  Go online to check for local events so you can plan your trip.