Get booked now if you want to travel by train at Easter 2014

With 2014 fast approaching you should be booking your train ticket if you intend travelling over the Easter period. The fact is that the later you leave it the more it will cost you, and by leaving your travel arrangements until the last minute you could well end up spending hundreds of pounds more than you would if you booked now.

A new survey from has revealed that Easter travellers who book their tickets in January will save a whopping £5m on their fares compared to if they had left it until March. The biggest savings were made by those who travelled between the big cities, with £1.6, being saved by those travelling in and out of London and over £250,000 being saved by those travelling by train to or from Edinburgh and Manchester.

An example of this being is if you went online now and bought an advance ticket from London St Pancras to Sheffield it will cost you from £16, but if you wait and buy an any time single ticket on the day you are travelling it will cost you around £104. Similarly, buy a ticket today from Manchester Piccadilly to Norwich and you will pay around £18, wait until the day you travel and your bank balance will be battered to the tune of approximately £234.

Iain Hildreth, a spokesperson from said that the message was simple; if you already know what your movements will be over the Easter period then it pays you to get online and book your tickets now while you can still grab a bargain. When looking for cheap train fares online stick to those you know such as or The latter charges a booking fee of 50p but with tickets starting at £1, 50p is nothing.