Food foraging for all the family in the Forest of Dean

It isn’t every day that you will watch your child munching on a nettle, and actually encourage it, but this is what awaits those who shun resorts and head into the British hedgerows to find new inspiration for what we eat. Family foraging in becoming ever more popular as a unique kind of holiday, and in the Forest of Dean in particular, these forages are organised for you by the stunning Tudor Farmhouse Hotel that sits in the Clearwell, a picturesque village in Gloucestershire.

For those who have always fancied the idea of foraging but have been put off for one reason or another, this is an excellent introduction to those foodstuffs we would never normally consider, or even knew existed. Even children, who have a well known aversion to anything green or healthy, embrace this eagerly as pulling up clover flowers or dandelion leaves and eating them gives them the opportunity to put things in their mouths that are usually discouraged.

The Forest of Dean itself, which nestles on the Welsh border, is itself a hidden gem and is one of those places that many have heard of but few could actually pick out on a map. The scenic beauty of the area is unsurpassed, and with the entire area peppered with tiny villages and leafy lanes, you could be mistaken for thinking you has stepped into an Enid Blyton novel.

Those who love adventure activities will be in their element here, and there are many that suit all ages. While little ones will have to give rock climbing and caving a miss, there is still fun to be had by taking to Mallards Pike Lane for a spot of canoeing. If this an area you haven’t previously considered for a holiday then have a look at what is on offer as you will be more than pleasantly surprised.