Family Need To Raise £15,000 After Travelling Without Insurance

The Danger Of Travel Without Insurance
A family from Hull have been trying to raise £15,000 to bring their Dad back to Britain, after he suffered a horrific fall while travelling without insurance.

Father of two, Neil Ellerington, was enjoying the last night of his family holiday in Benidorm, having a drink on his hotel room balcony. When he spotted some friends below, he leant out to wish them a good holiday. However, he lost his footing and plummeted seven floors in front of his shocked partner. His fall was broken by a plastic roof, meaning that he miraculously survived. However, he has been left with a catalogue of serious injuries, including fractures to his back, skull, ribs and collarbone, as well as a collapsed lung. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was placed on a ventilator to keep in him alive. Staff also put him into an induced coma in order to aide his recovery.

Unfortunately for Neil, he had failed to book travel insurance before travelling to Spain. He had thought his European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) would be sufficient, but was sadly mistaken. Though the EHIC card meant that he was able to receive healthcare that was free at the point of delivery, he has been stranded in Spain as he is not insured for the special transport he requires in order to return home to Hull.

As he needs to travel while lying down, a specialist flight back to the UK will cost his family £15,000. His desperate partner Zoe Irving has made an appeal for donations to the fund ‘Bring Neil Home’. She told the Hull Daily Mail: “The doctors here in Spain have been great, but it’s been really hard on Neil and me because of the language difficulties”. She continued: “Half the time, we barely know what’s going on. All I want to do is to bring him back to Hull Royal Infirmary, where we can be in our own city, around our kids and try to one day get back to normal.” Neil and Zoe have two young sons, Nathan and Jaden.

This serves as a warning to other tourists, highlighting the importance of booking insurance before travelling. For the best deals, visit Avanti travel insurance who offer insurance for all sorts of holidays around the world.

In recent years there has been an epidemic of balcony falls, which seem overwhelmingly to involve British tourists at resorts in Spain. Unlike in Neil’s case, alcohol is often seen to be the cause of such accidents.

Young visitors at resorts known for their cheap alcohol, often drink to excess and then take risks with their safety. There have been instances in which youngsters have died while trying to climb onto their friends balconies, or even after attempting to jump into a swimming pool from a balcony. It is wise to warn young people about these dangers before they travel abroad this summer. Incidentally, Spain is the country in which Brits are most likely to experience problems – the Foreign Office reported that over 5,000 Britons visiting Spain required consular assistance between April 2011 and April 2012. In this same period there were over 1,000 hospitalisations. However, these figures are so high in part as Spain is such a popular destination for Brits.