Exploring the UK on a Budget

If you’re looking for a holiday or trip, but don’t want to go abroad or pay the expensive travel costs associated with it, then you might want to consider the UK as an alternative. Often overlooked, the UK has great potential. Not least of all, it can also save you money if you’re smart and plan ahead.

With this in mind, here are a few areas where you can save expenses. Whether it’s finding affordable accommodation, cheap train tickets or simply knowing where to visit, here are a few options that should better help you enjoy the UK on a budget.


One of your biggest concerns will always be accommodation. After all, you need to stay somewhere. However, it often pays to check all your options, rather than the typical choices.

Obviously, research and booking in advance are always important, but you should also extend your search outside of hotels. B&Bs and other forms of accommodation all offer the same basic facilities for varying costs, so it might pay to try somewhere different.


One of the biggest costs is arguably going to be travel. There are many ways to travel but if costs are a concern, then you’re best option may be the train.

With cheap tickets and advance offers from East Coast Rail, you have access to most of the country, from London all the way up to Edinburgh. This gives you access to all of the east coast, with additional routes letting you access further inland too.

Where To Visit

Of course, if you’re stuck for actual ideas but fancy a holiday or trip in the country, then it might help to know where to visit.

Using the east coast line, there are plenty of destinations you can visit. This includes fantastic cities such as Leeds and Newcastle, unique locations with a proud culture, heritage and history.

With further quiet stops like Lincoln and Peterborough along the way, you also have access to historic towns that can offer a very relaxing experience. Whatever you’re after, the UK has a surprisingly varied range of cities, towns and experiences for you to sample.

So, whether you just want a weekend city break or a full holiday, the UK has a lot to offer. With cheap travel options and accommodation wherever you go, there’s little excuse not to. What are you waiting for? Get out there and explore your country now.