Exploring the smugglers coves of Dorset

Smuggling is something that is a key part of the history of Dorset and along the coast there are many smugglers coves which have been designated as world Heritage sites. If you are considering visiting this area then you should take a walk along the coastal path as it will allow you to visit some of these fascinating areas as well as enjoy some of the most beautiful coastal scenery that can be found in the entire UK.

You will find stunning beaches as well as tranquil bays and once you have completed this walk along the coast you will end up at a pub which was originally built to serve smugglers. Alternatively you can start at the pub and head westwards towards Weymouth.

Fortunately, finding this pub is easy is it is a very common location for people to visit to do this walk and there are excellent signposts. There is a car park where you can leave your vehicle for the day and at the time of writing this car park was free to use. It is however, intended for those who are customers of the pub, so please stop in for some lunch or a drink.

The coastal path also runs along the clifftops and you will be able to enjoy spectacular views out over the harbour and at low tide you will be even able to see a wreck of a ship. If you come at the right time of year the waters here are going to be crystal clear and looking at these off the top of the cliff is a stunning sight.

The beaches here are mostly pebbles and shingle and are easy to walk on. At some points you won’t be able to walk along the beach because it will be high tide but there are alternative routes that have been constructed for this situation.

It would be highly recommended for those interested in photography to bring their camera as some of the beaches here, as well as the ocean, provide incredibly beautiful pictures especially in the warmer months.