Escape the UK Winter With These Top Travel Ideas for Autumn/ Winter 2013

As stores around the country fill their shelves with Christmas goodies, many of us are reminded that it is now the time to plan the yearly winter getaway. After a year of work and family commitments, the winter holidays are a welcome break from the routine and a fantastic opportunity to leave the stress behind before starting a new year. For obvious reasons, many holidaymakers choose a sun destination for their winter breaks, as spending the holidays in the cold British weather is not the most appealing of all prospects. However, if you fancy something different from the typical winter trip to the Mediterranean region, you will find that this article has been written just for you.

Goa Dec 09 by Shahnawaz Sid
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Northern India
If Goa is not your thing but still want to immerse yourself into a totally different world this winter, look no further than Northern India. Visiting the region of Rajasthan is an experience that you won’t forget, as the area is stepped in fascinating history and culture. Chances are that you will come back with hundreds of colourful pictures and even more remarkable memories from your holiday in this stunning part of the world. And what’s more important, travelling to Rajasthan is now easy and convenient, as flights from the UK only take 8 hours.

Wine countries
Few things feel better than sitting down to enjoy a hearty meal and your favourite glass of wine during a cold winter day. If sampling gourmet food and going on wine tastings at some of the best vineyards in Europe sounds appealing, a themed cruise could be just what you are looking for. Indulge in a themed food and wine cruise, such as the ones offered by Celebrity cruises. With these, you can sail in comfort to the best wine-growing regions of France, Spain, and Portugal. These cruises will take you to relatively unknown but fascinating cities, such as Vigo or Bilbao, so check out the cruise deals available in advance.

Over the past few years, Dubai has become one of the most popular winter destinations for sun-starved European holidaymakers. However, the fast-paced and upscale lifestyle of Dubai do not appeal to everyone. For a quieter Middle Eastern winter experience, Qatar is one of the best bets. The former British protectorate is located on a peninsula overlooking the deep blue waters of the Persian Gulf, although you could easily think that you are on an island. Fishing trips, mostly empty beaches, old souks, and overnight stays in the desert are some of the things you can look forward to.

A different side of the Canary islands
Because of their pleasant climate, Tenerife and Lanzarote can feel crowded even during the winter months. However, this is not a reason to skip the archipelago altogether, as there is always a chance to visit less well-known islands where peace and quiet are plentiful. The small Canary island of El Hierro is the perfect place to escape the winter and the crowds. The island is one of the most remote spots in Europe, and it definitely feels that way. In barely 100 square miles, this tiny island contains spectacular volcanoes, picturesque mountain top villages, unique fauna and flora, and plenty of opportunities to relax or to go on scenic hikes.