Enjoying a day out in Sale

Sale is a town located within the Trafford Metropolitan Borough. It is located around five miles south of Manchester and due to the expansion of Manchester the town is now regarded as a suburb of the city, rather than a part of Cheshire County. Interestingly, the postal address of the town remains Cheshire, despite it being located within Manchester technically.

In this town there are numerous buildings of architectural significance and historical importance. This is because the town is historically and geographically important. The town has a railway line running through it, as well as a main road, and also has access by river and canals. This made it a very important town in the past for the transport of goods throughout the country.

The River Mersey runs through Sale and this is a famous River which starts in Stockport. The River Mersey has a great deal of history in the town and a bridge the area was once destroyed in the 18th century in order to stop troops entering the town. Later in the same century the bridge was reconstructed although regularly flooded until the 20th century until the Sale Water Park was created in order to stop this problem.

Until railways were introduced, Sale’s water system was very important for transporting goods and Sale was an important part of the country’s transit system. When the railways were introduced, the need for river transport was reduced and this significantly lowered the number of boats passing through the area. Boats were not just used for transporting goods, and the introduction of the railway also reduced the number of people who are travelling to the town by waterway.