Enjoy the history and culture of Blandford Forum

Blandford Forum is a town with rich history. It was a popular market town during medieval times and was rebuilt a number of times through the years. Its last major reconstruction was in 1731, when a fire destroyed most of the town’s centre area. The architects who had the task to rebuild this city were the Bastard brothers, well-known architects during these years. They needed 30 years to plan and rebuild the city.

This reconstruction turned Blandford Forum into one of the most popular and best preserves Georgian towns in the country. Nowadays, you can visit the city and buy goods from the classic market place which has been there for over 200 years.

Blandford Forum is host to several major events which are held annually. The more popular one is the Great Dorset Steam Fair which is held at the end of September and lasts for seven days. The event attracts enthusiasts who demonstrate their steam engines and other machines.

The town is also popular for its preserved army base and the Royal Signals Museum. One of the best known attractions in the town is the Mrs. Pennys Cavalcade of costumers, a clothing collection which is on display in a Georgian house. Another place which you should visit at Blandford Forum is the treasure trails of Dorset. This attraction is very affordable and is loved by youngsters and adults alike.

Overall, Blandford Forum is a quiet, welcoming and interesting town that annually attracts thousands of tourists from across the entire country. The town offers its visitors a range of attractions, shops and restaurants. The classical cafes and inns situated in old buildings are very interesting and are a great place to spend time with your family or friends. This small town situated in Dorset is an attraction itself and it is certain that you won’t be bored if you visit it.