Discovering the real Cornwall

Cornwall is known best for its sandy beaches, but the resort towns have plenty more to offer including Atlantic rollers, rugged cliffs, large bay areas, and hidden covers that when captured together add up to make a pretty impressive postcard.

There are even some fishing harbours that retain their historical feel allowing the visitor to feel as if they are visiting a harbor town from centuries ago. Of course, given this are modern times there are plenty of holiday parks and trendy resorts making it easy to experience the olden charms while still enjoying the most modern amenities while in Cornwall.

The best way to plan your visit to Cornwall is to start by heading towards the inland because there is plenty to do outside of the beach and you will want to get started right away with a central hotel location if you want to fit in the maximum amount of activities.

One of the best places to start is at Flambards Theme Park where you will find some of the top roller coasters in London and plenty of events and other entertainment acts that change on a weekly basis. Some of the rides are also themed and designed to take riders through the actual wild portions of Cornwall helping to add to the allure.

Another great stop is the Blue Reef Aquarium where visitors will find a closer look at what’s in the ocean than what you will get tanning on the beach. Here you get to look at many under water exhibits including seahorse penguin, eels and shark exhibits as well as many other animals that are scattered around the aquarium.

Finally, if you want to see some more of the natural beauty of Cornwall you will want to hike out to Gothia Falls where there are plenty of woodlands that line the Fowey River. Here you will see some stunning rapids rushing off over the falls which is quite a sight to watch.