Discovering the beautiful gardens of England

Visiting the different gardens in England can be a delightful activity and there are many ones that are particularly famous and worth visiting. Going on a tour round gardens can be a fun activity to do as a group and can be a great day out for a family, or a group of friends.

One of the most impressive gardens in Devon is Arlington Court, this is a National Trust property and if you are a member of the National Trust, then you are going to be able to enter for free. If you are not a member, there is going to be a small charge, but it is still going to be quite reasonable.

Inside the gardens you will find around 30 acres of gardens that are mostly informal. There are also many water features here and a beautiful kitchen garden. All of the usual amenities that you would expect at a National Trust property can be found here.

Another great garden to visitors located in Hampshire, this is Hillier Gardens and it can be found near Romsey, a historic market town located to the south-west of the gardens. This garden was founded by Sir Harold Hillier and it contains a spectacular collection of over 40,000 plants, of which over 10,000 are from a different species. There is also an incredible nursery garden and the park is enormous at over 180 acres.

The Eden Project opened over 10 years ago now and it is a vast space which covers an equivalent area of over 30 football pitches. The Eden Project is an artificial biosphere which creates sub-tropical and tropical climates within its walls. This allows a wide variety of plants to flourish which would not usually be found in the UK. This is a great place to come and learn about unusual plants.