Discovering Britain by train

Train travel in the UK is refreshingly traditional.  It is usually quick and convenient, and generally comfortable, particularly if you are travelling a long distance. Discovering Britain by train allows you to relax and fully appreciate the sights without the distractions of driving. Furthermore, trains enable you to see areas of the countryside that are not visible when travelling by road.

During a train journey you can enjoy a good book if you wish, occasionally glancing out of the window to take pleasure in the passing scenery. This form of transport is a very agreeable way to travel when on holiday.  Some of the train companies now offer escorted holidays, providing guided tours around your chosen destinations.
Best British train journeys
Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth and Pwllheli

The Cambrian line, which runs along the Dovey Estuary and by the seaside towns in Cardigan Bay, is one of the most scenic in Wales.

Euston to Fort William and Mallaig

Rated as one of the most romantic of the British railway routes, you will find yourself passing impressive lochs and glens on this idyllic journey through the Highlands.

Exeter to Barnstaple

A country railway provoking memories of the past, this route gently rolls through quaint, unspoilt stations amid the rich Devon pasturelands. Those with sharp eyes may be able to spot some of the interesting wildlife of the area.

Ryde to Shanklin

This quaint route on the Isle of Wight provides an opportunity to journey on a bright red, 70-year-old former London Transport tube train. On this journey, you will pass some of the Isle of Wight’s pretty seaside villages.

Inverness to Wick and Thurso

This four–hour train journey takes you past ancient castles, eerie bogs and some beautiful beaches to the most northerly town on the mainland of Britain.
Why Travel By Train?
A scenic train ride offers peace and relaxation before your holiday has even begun. However, this is not the only good reason to travel by train. Train travel is not cheap, but lower fares are available if you book well in advance. If you are a student or pensioner, you will be able to acquire discounted train travel.  When you choose to travel by train on long journeys in the UK you also avoid all the hassle at an airport if you opt to fly.  Flying from Stansted to Edinburgh may seem attractive but you still have to endure all the airport checks – you also have to get to the airport of course – something that will add costs.

Trains offer great flexibility. If you miss your chosen train, you will often only have a half-hour or hour wait for the next one. Furthermore, the majority of train trips do not require you to make a reservation in advance. You can simply arrive at your chosen station on the day you plan to travel and buy your ticket. Trains also enable you to carry a more generous amount of luggage than do the airlines. This renders train travel perfect for families with young children. Furthermore, when travelling by train, you are only required to arrive at your chosen station about 15 minutes before your train’s departure time.

Trains are more energy-efficient than aircraft and cars, rendering them one of the most environmentally friendly transportation options available.

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