Despite a long hot summer many still prefer holidaying abroad according to new study

Despite to the excessive heat that hit the shores of the United Kingdom in the summer of 2013, nearly 67% of the total holidaymakers claimed they are not considering spending their next years holiday in the UK. These facts were revealed by the most recent report released by the World Travel Market Industry Report.

Nearly 63% of the total 1,001 holidaymakers interviewed who have spent more than one week of their holidays in UK this year said they are not willing to spend another summer in the UK next year. On the other hand, the hot weather also had a positive impact upon other holidaymakers, as 3 out of 10 polled people said that it is exactly because of the warm weather that they consider remaining in the UK for the following summer season.

Another section of the report asked all holidaymakers to name their top holiday destinations for this year. Surprisingly, the UK remained ahead on the list, closely followed by countries like Spain or France.

Given the results of this poll, the World Travel Market asked for another one, this time looking for answers from over 1,200 senior holidaymakers. Again, out of the multitude of destinations, UK and its capital, London, remained the desired destinations for short holidays.

The research also came up with good news especially thanks to the Olympic Games held in London this year, and the impact of the Air Passenger Duty. When asked about the Air Passenger Duty, 71% of the respondents considered APD will have an increased impact on the external tourism coming from UK, while some other 19% considered diminishing their number of holidays.