Derbyshire a stunning county with the Peak District National Park

The county of Derbyshire is set right in the heart of England and has a very diverse character. There is the glorious Peak District National Park with its great scenery and picturesque little villages. There are some amazing caves to explore as well. The Peak District has the distinction of being the world’s second most visited National Park.

Then, in contrast, there are busy towns such as Buxton and, of course, Derby itself. The towns have many shops, restaurants, theatres and galleries and Derby is undergoing a facelift. £1 billion of development by way of the Derby Cityscape project will create 6,500 jobs with over 90,000 square metres of offices being built.

Derbyshire is a great place to live and newcomers soon get used to quaint local customs like ‘well-dressing’ when the wells in the towns and villages are decorated in the summer. There is also delicious local fare such as Bakewell tart and Bakewell pudding. The price of housing here is quite low as well, both in the towns and villages.

Leicestershire, too, is a county that has a contrasting face. Here there are the traditional market towns and the lovely scenery of the National Forest with over seven hundred miles of trails for walking, cycling and horse-riding. Contrast this with the city of Leicester, a bustling city which has also had recent developments.

Major investment in the city has attracted new business to the area and there is a new office quarter in the city centre, a marina and an arts centre. Leicestershire has many different ethnic communities which all add to the life of the county. Housing here is also very affordable and there are new opportunities for people here all the time. The county’s skills base is attracting investors from around the world.