Cycling in Britain

Britain is a country that has a lot to offer a cyclist. The country has just about every different kind of landmark and terrain that a person could ask for. Travelling by bicycle in Britain can take you through the cities, farmland, coastal regions, or even up into the mountains. British cycling holidays are an exciting way to explore the country, get fresh air, and plenty of exercise. Once you begin cycling it is difficult not to get hooked on the activity.
The basic place to start your cycling holiday in Britain is to pick out a good bike for the job. There are a lot of websites that sell bikes online; these are good if you have a bit of knowledge and know what you want. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to locate your local bike shop and seek their expertise. Small businesses such as Global Bike offer both a website, plus the peice of mind of a shop you can actually visit and speak to real people about your plans. In a nutshell, some bikes are meant for paved roads, others are not. Road bikes are geared to use very little energy while maintaining a faster speed. Their tyres tend to be narrower for less resistance and their seat comfortable and are meant for a long ride. On the other hand some bikes are meant to be taken off road. These bikes will be geared lower to help you climb up a hill or a mountain trail. They will have upgraded brakes to help you control speed when going downhill. Finally the tyres are wider and are meant find traction on non-paved surfaces.
Once you have found the right bike for your holiday, then it’s time to pick a place to go cycling. Britain is home to hundreds of landmarks and tourist attractions accessible to cyclist. Just take a moment to Google the subject and you can see results for just about anywhere on the island that you could possibly want to go to. There are literally paths and trails that are meant to be enjoyed at every single level of rider so you don’t have to necessarily be in the best shape to begin cycling.
Don’t forget your helmet: when riding, make sure that you obey traffic laws and wear a helmet. While riding a bike might seem elementary, cars do not always look for bicycle riders. It only takes a small bump to propel a rider off road and cause serious injury. Even in areas where there are few or no cars, a rider can fall off the bike and hit their head, which without a helmet can cause serious head injury, concussion, and even death! That is why it is always advised to wear a helmet.
When cycling on the open road, make sure that you dress in bright colors and have reflectors on your body and bike. This will help you stand out to cars and trucks that might be passing by. Be sure to bring a water bottle and a map along with you and plan your trip accordingly. Designate stops and landmarks along the way where you can pause and catch your breath. Start with an easy pace and enjoy the day. Following this advice can make cycling in Britain a lot of fun. Just take the time to plan out a cycling holiday. Then select the correct bike for the trip and dress accordingly. Finally make sure to follow safety guidelines and most importantly have a great trip.