Cumbria has 5 finalists in the VisitEngland awards

Cumbria may not be the first name that comes to mind when you are thinking about where to go on holiday but the area has just received a huge boost to its tourism thanks to the fact that it has businesses that were named in five categories as finalists of the VisitEngland Awards for Excellence event this year.

The finalists now join the finalists from other regions of the country to advance on to the awards ceremony where winners will be selected. This ceremony will be held on May 20 in Manchester. The finalists from Cumbria are Caravan Holiday Park, Kirkby Lonsdale, Woodclose Park, Tottergill Farm, Holbeck Ghyll, Overwater Hall and Druncken Duck Inn.

These tourism companies now must wait to find out which ones will be selected as winners for these awards, some of which can provide quite a bit of money, but most importantly a lot of recognition. These highly commended awards have been assigned to many well known businesses in the past, and Visit England’s CEO says that over 320 applications were sifted through, with a submission quality higher than ever.

It was no small achievement to make it as a finalist and each business can take pride in this coveted place. Ian Stephens, Managing Director of Cumbria Tourism said that this type of peer recognition was extremely important. Each year the winners from each category are then entered in the nationwide Visit England Awards for Excellence.

These will come from the 17 categories recognised as the best in the UK, and provide a prestigious national award. It will contribute significantly to maintain Lake District and Cumbria’s reputation as a great place to travel to, and a premier destination in the UK. For now, businesses can do nothing but wait to see what will happen in May, and find out who earns the top rank in each category.