Cornwall a countryside county

For those looking for a holiday where they can just relax and put their feet up then Cornwall is a fantastic destination. The area is very much a countryside county and there are beautiful surroundings where people love relaxing. Cornwall is less commercially developed than the rest of the UK and this adds to its charm.

In recent years, a significant amount of money has come in from the public and private sectors in order to develop tourism in Cornwall. This money has come from a variety of different locations and has helped build Cornwall into a destination for international tourists as well as domestic ones.

One of the reasons why Cornwall is so popular is because of its great weather. In the summer it enjoys some of the best weather in the United Kingdom and the air is very clear all year round. In the summer months some would even describe Cornwall is having a Mediterranean like climate.

For those who enjoy walking, Cornwall is a great destination is there is something to suit people of all skill levels. There are plenty of easy flat walks for people but there are also more challenging ones through some serious hills.

Other sports are also very popular in Cornwall such as rock climbing, swimming, kayaking and abseiling. This attracts a wide range of people looking for an adventure holiday and in the summer these activities are consistently popular.

The beaches are also very popular and another location where people enjoy sports. Surfing, swimming and even kite surfing are very popular along these beaches but they also provide a perfect location for just sitting back and relaxing. Cornwall has something to offer every visitor and a holiday in this beautiful part of the country is something that everyone should consider.