Colchester is a Roman city with many modern attractions

Colchester is the oldest town in Britain and its history can be traced all the way back to the times of the Romans. It is certainly not the case that the town has not changed over time and coming to the town you will see how it has changed significantly over the years. There are many things to do if you are coming to Colchester, whether you are coming here for business or pleasure.

Sports is something that the town is well known for and as well as having a football club that play in the championship league, they also have a women’s team who are very successful. This is not the only type of football that is played in Colchester and they also have an American Football team called the Colchester Gladiators who have their own stadium called Broad Lane Stadium.

It’s not all sports however and if you are interested in art then there is plenty to see. Nearby to Colchester there are many villages which are particularly famous because they were the subject of several paintings by John Constable. If you are a fan of Constable then you are probably going to recognise some of the towns in the surrounding area from his paintings.

If you are coming to stand Colchester for a longer time there are plenty of day trips you can take to the surrounding area. You should consider visiting Clacton on Sea, which is a delightful seaside town which is a great place to come for a day trip.

Accommodation options in Colchester are plentiful and you will find numerous Bed & Breakfasts as well as guest houses. Many of these are located in the centre of the town, although there are many other options for accommodation in nearby villages. All of the accommodation you will find welcoming and comfortable.