Cirencester – Gloucestershire a wealth of history

Cirencester in Gloucestershire is located about 90 miles northwest of London, it is one of the biggest towns in the area. The town is famous for the Royal Agricultural College which was founded the mid 1840’s. It is one of the oldest agricultural colleges in existence.

The history here is amazing; it was first mentioned back around 150 AD by Ptolemy. The town also houses the Corinuim Museum which has a huge Roman collection in its archives.

Cirencester lies on the lower slopes of Costwold Hills and is made up of limestone. The area is also split into several different regions by the Thames River. One of these areas is an areas is the Beaches Estate which is a residential development that was created back in around the 1950’s to 1960s.

The area is covered with religion and is a must see for anyone in the region. Some of the most popular attractions to visit is the St. John Baptist church which has a variety of tombs, vaults, and porches. There are other Catholic churches as well as other Baptist Churches that make the must see list, some of them date back to the 1600’s.

There are many other landmarks and historical places to visit while in the area. One of them being the Cirencester House, other notable attractions are the Abbey House which was demolished in the early 1500’s during the English Reformation. It was a site that was given to the doctor of Queen Elizabeth I herself.

Cirencester – Gloucestershire has got to be one of the most important cities for Roman-era Britain. You can still see the shape of an old Roman amphitheater in the middle of a park.