Buying a Caravan – New vs. Used

Deciding on the best caravan for you and the family can be a tough decision.  How do you choose from all the different sizes, styles and features?  For most people it does depend largely on cost and that’s where preloved caravans come into the equation.  You do, however, want to make sure you’re getting value for your hard earned money.

A new caravan is yours from the outset, everything about it can be individual to you.  You can also guarantee that it is well maintained for the duration of its life – stretching that lifespan as a result.  On top of that, you will usually receive at least a 12 month warranty from the manufacturer.

New static caravans will have been designed with modern caravanning in mind.  Therefore, features like built in fireplaces and quality insulation come as standard.  The initial cost covers the caravan itself and it’s nice to know you won’t have to expend on any refurbishment.

Used static caravans can save you money.  They are perfect if you are new to caravanning and don’t want to invest too much money in the beginning.  Find the right model for the right price and the money you save can go towards your holiday spends.  Or you can invest the spare cash into improving the interior of your preloved caravan to match the standards of a pristine model.

Improvements are not always necessary with used caravans, as previous owners may have installed features you may not even get with a brand new model.  Caravan owners do love their holiday homes, so it is very rare you will come across a used caravan that has been poorly maintained.

The only real problem you can face with a preloved caravan is age.  Still, natural deterioration can be repaired and older technology can be replaced – albeit difficult when appliances are built in.

When it comes to value for money, used caravans can offer much more on face value.  Still, new products come with the reassurance of a manufacturer’s guarantee.  So, if you’re looking to buy a caravan, it is well worth doing some homework on what you can get for your cash.

Consider your caravan as an investment, as it can even make you some money by renting it out between getaways. It is completely down to the individual as to which type of caravan, new or used, is more viable for you.