Bushy Park, London

Why take a trip to a standard green space, when you can go one better and visit a park that has the Royal stamp of approval. Bushy Park in London, has much to offer any visitors that walk through its gates.

If you just want to indulge in a bit of Park Life, then Bushy Park is perfect for lunchtime strolls, picnics, or sports activities on the open grassland, in Hampton Open Air Pool and Fitness Gym, or the tennis courts, football pitches, hockey pitches, and rugby pitches in the park.

Bushy Park is also a haven for flora and fauna. Fallow Deer have been roaming the park since Henry VIII hunted there, and there are also many species of pond life, such as toads and newts, and birds such as herons and native woodpeckers. There are also two main garden areas within the parks boundaries, the Woodland Gardens with their glades, streams, and colourful planting, and Upper Lodge Water Gardens designed with pools, cascades, and basins.

Other features include the Diana Memorial Fountain and the Chestnut Avenue, which was designed by Christopher Wren in 1699. There’s also a visitor centre, 5 self- guided heritage trails, and a deli/café. As it’s mostly flat ground, the park is ideal for disabled people, and there’s also a disabled riding school and companion cycling scheme on site too.

Bushy Park is open 24 hours a day to pedestrians and cyclists, with restrictions in place during September and November, and for vehicle access.  The park is easily accessible from Teddington, Hampton Wick, and Hampton Court Tube stations, and there are 6 bus services that pass by the park as well.