Budget Travel Tips Within The UK

If you are looking to travel anywhere within the UK, you probably know that the cost of travel has increased in recent years. In some cases, the cost of travel within the UK can exceed that of traveling overseas. Here are a number of cost effective options for traveling within the UK.

Short Journey – Something it is the obvious which is hard to see. If you shorten your travel in terms of proximity from your home, you will likely find more affordable means of transportation. If budget is tight, consider a closer location.

Caravanning – If your car has towing capabilities (a fitted tow bar and suitable electrics for power) you can consider hiring a caravan. Prices start at around £300 per week and considering you can accommodate an entire family in the caravan, it makes for an affordable accommodation option. Secondly you will need to find a site to park the caravan. Thankfully there are many websites offering cheap caravan sites to book depending on your location.

By Car – Traveling even long distances by car CAN be done on a budget for those with a diesel engine vehicle. If you currently own a gas-guzzling vehicle, consider renting a diesel car with high MPG (Miles Per Gallon) for this purpose. Be sure to fill up at your local service station as opposed to the motorway stations and pack plenty of food and drink to refrain from spending too much at the service stations. When hiring a car, you can bring the cost to within budget by:

Looking at a small car first
Use a price comparison site to compare suppliers
Before handing it back, fill it up yourself as rental companies will charge more

Train or Flight – Surprisingly, these can be booked on a budget provided you book well ahead and directly. Avoid booking at 3rd parties and go directly to the source. Another slightly ‘risky’ option is to book your travels (and therefore journey) between seasons as you will likely benefit from cheaper prices. When flying, traveling light will likely result in cheaper fairs.

Accommodation – The cost of accommodation will vary depending on the type. Regardless of your choice, YOU CAN bring the cost down by trying to source a discount. There are many websites that offer seasonal discount codes to various establishments and you might just find a discount to your accommodation choice.

Eating – After transportation and accommodation, the cost of food and drink can burn a hole in your pocket. In cases where you have an onsite kitchen (for example, in the case of self-catering holidays), be sure to prepare meals as opposed to going out every day. Avoid eating out at breakfast and try to buy ingredients to prepare a light meal (even if a kitchen is unavailable). If there’s a cash and carry near by, use it.

Bonus Tip – Get a cash back credit card and book your entire holiday on the card. Some credit card companies offer up to 3% cash back on holiday costs which can turn out to be a hefty sum.

Information written by AffairTravel (www.affairtravel.com). UK travel agent offering holiday villas in the form of self-catering and exclusive properties.