British travellers won’t leave home without their gadgets

The modern British traveller will never be without his tablet, his smartphones, and an army of techie gadgets when he travels for either business or pleasure. However modern he, or rather we get though, there is always room for one of the most old-fashioned, yet comforting items around- the nondescript tea bag.

While a tea bag may not be a necessity for other cultures, it seems to be considered as one for us Brits, as evidenced by this packing survey’s results. The same survey also revealed that the most popular item packed when Brits go on holiday is the power adaptor scoring 71 percent, and the second popular is the tablet at 62%. These items really reveal that we Brits are very dependent on our gadgets when we travel.

Other predictable items that made it on the list included the humble bath towel and some hair straighteners. While we hardly think of anything else besides making sure our necessities are packed away for our trip, psychologists actually thing that how we pack out luggage can be very telling as to what we are like as individuals.

Aside from the items that make it onto our bags, the way we pack them is also equally revealing. While Brits may be more particular when it comes to rolling, layering, and folding clothes inside their suitcases, other cultures may have other priorities.

For example, if one were to take a look inside a Belgian tourists pack and compare it to a Brits. It would not be unusual to see a very different arrangement of even similar items. Besides flags, accents, and gastronomic choices, how and what we pack can also be a true revelation of where we really come from.