British travellers reluctant to travel to pastures new according to survey

Recent numbers show that a growing number of British holidaymakers would much rather revisit an old holiday spot than explore some new ones. The survey from Cheapflights Media, an online-operating travel agency, found out that about 39% of Brits who took the survey confessed to going back to the same place year after year, even staying in the same resort.

Twenty percent of the survey participants even had the exact same meals, and about fifteen percent even requested the same waiter to wait on them. Eighty percent of the survey’s participants also admitted that they were more likely to come back to the same holiday haunt again, rather than just visiting it once.

The question to be asked is, why are we Brits so fond of repeating holiday destinations, year in and year out? When asked this, many reasoned that it was because the spot that they frequent was the same place where they’ve had their best holiday, prompting them to return. Others answered that it was because of a favourable prices at that place, and still others said it was due to the beautiful weather.

Among the top holiday destinations were the United States, the UK, Italy, Spain, and France. Psychologist Jane McCartney was asked to explain the phenomenon, and she concluded that this was because of the human inherent nature to be creatures of habit. While holidaying puts us outside our usual routine, and leaves us to experience something new, it’s still nice to know that some things are familiar and to be expected.

While there’s nothing wrong with going back to a beloved spot time and again, one could be missing out if he does this too frequently. While it’s a given that there must be something in your favourite place that keeps you coming back for me, it may also be a good idea to allow yourself to experience something new. You may not know it, but you could end up with an equally fantastic time, if not more so.