Britain in 5 Walks: Discover a Bit of Everything

Trekking in England, Scotland and Wales provides walkers with some of the best and most exciting trails in the world. Forget travelling across the world for a taste of adventure; we’ve got all we need right here!

Not all walks in Britain were created equal, though. Some offer a true and all-encompassing sense of the British walking experience. Read on and discover five walks that cover everything you’d expect to find in Britain, filled with beauty and history.

Revel in British History in Wild Northumberland

The history of Britain is something we all love and enjoy. From eccentric monarchs to foreign invaders, the country has seen its fair share of incredible tales throughout the ages.

While the people in the stories are long gone, examples of history still stand to this day and nowhere is better to experience British heritage than Northumberland. A walk along the coast takes you close to some exceptional castles and medieval structures. Designed to keep the Vikings at bay and defend the valuable farming land, mighty fortresses can be found across the county, welcoming explorers into their stone halls.

Enjoy the British Seaside on the South West Coastal Path

At 260 miles long, the South West Coastal Path is the longest walking trail in Britain and an unmissable experience for all walking enthusiasts with a passion for trekking in England.

Covering the coasts of Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, this unrivalled walk offers up everything you could ever hope to experience on the British coast. Seaside towns; dramatic cliffs; rolling hillsides set before the sparkling ocean; beaches both sandy and stony; coves cut away from the rest of the world. The list just goes on and on.

It’s worth remembering, though, that walkers aren’t required to make the 260-mile trip from Poole to Minehead, and can join or exit at any point along the way.

Relax in the Countryside With a Wander Through the Peak District

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy that crisp, cold air. Imagine you’re surrounded by beautiful greenery, woodlands, flower meadows and rolling hillsides. Beyond, you can see a small village, lit up like a Christmas card. In the corner of your eye, a lake glistens as the sun sets above it.

No, this isn’t some imaginary paradise. This is the British countryside, and there is nowhere better to experience it than the Peak District.

Any list about trekking in England isn’t complete without mentioning the Peak District: a natural haven intertwined with some laid-back British culture. Set in the heart of beautiful Derbyshire, it offers some of the most pristine and stunning examples of British countryside you’ll find anywhere in the UK.

Adventure Over the Scottish Munros and Climb the Tallest Mountains in Britain

You can’t truly experience everything walking in the UK has to offer until you’ve reached some pretty lofty heights. The mountains found in Britain are staggering — none more so than the Scottish Munros.

Towering over 3000ft above sea level, the Munros are legends of the north. Often covered in snow, they offer unbeatable opportunities for adventure. Climbing these Scottish goliaths is a challenge many seek to conquer, but there are other reasons to go walking here, too.

The views along the way and from the peaks are nothing short of mindblowing. This is wilderness at its finest. This is why Scotland was voted the most beautiful country in the world.

Soak Up the Royal Experience on a London Walking Extravaganza

Trekking in England doesn’t have to be about mountains, coasts and greenery. If the British Isles are famous for one thing around the world, it’s their royalty — and local fondness for tea.

Step out of the wilds and into the centre of bustling London. Walk around the royal parks of Hyde, St James and Regent, taking in the majesty of Kensington Palace and its gardens. Watch the changing of the guard and keep an eye out for the Queen herself at Buckingham Palace. You can wander even further, to the Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral.

It might not be what you’d expect when you say British walking but, in truth, it is one of the most British experiences there is.