Bournemouth’s Oceanarium offers eggstra-ordinary fun this Easter

Between Saturday 31st March and Sunday 15th April, there is a huge number of ‘eggs-tra’ special Easter-themed activities taking place at the award winning aquarium in Bournemouth; Oceanarium.

Lucky visitors will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the great species that reside here, as well as discovering more about the fascinating egg lating species here, including the new additions to Oceanarium; the leopard geckos.

There is also interactive ‘meet the creature’ sessions, special opportunities to feed the turtles, and a quiz tail that is expected to be crackingly good.

There really is so much to ‘sea and do’ here this Easter, including learning about how different sharks lay their eggs, the chance to touch mermaid purses, or egg cases, and one of the most fascinating fishy facts you can learn is why the lobster carries her eggs around on her under belly.

Continuing the egg theme, watch the playful and intelligent otters as they scramble to find the way into their healthy and yummy Easter egg treats everyday at 1pm.

Among the success stories of hatchlings thriving at the Oceanarium are the epaulette and bull huss sharks and the spiny tailed lizard. Epaulette sharks can be found in the Key West display, while bull huss shark pups, which are native UK dwellers, can be found in the Abyss-themed environment.

The baby spiny tailed lizard, now three year’sold, is also thriving in the Reptile Sanctuary. Two new female water dragons have recently joined the family and have been introduced to the two males. Oceanarium aquarists are hopeful that their two new residents will mate and lay eggs and plan to prepare a private beach in the display for the water dragons who will only lay their eggs if they can bury them in the sand.

Oceanarium tickets are valid all-day to enable visitors to ‘sea more’ and take full advantage of all the Easter fun, plus the nine daily feeding presentations of otters, sharks, stingrays, green sea turtles and eels.

The range of themed activities are all included in the admission price during school holidays, except feed the turtles which has a cost of £2 for charity.* The Oceanarium is open seven days a week, from 10am and offers discounted tickets for families.

For more information call 01202 311993 or visit for additional information.