Boating on the Norfolk Broads

If you want to experience boat holidays in a natural, free, and tranquil environment then you might want to consider checking out Norfolk Broads. Situated on the largest area of wetlands in Britain the Broads cover an area of 303km and are made up of a collection of lakes and rivers. In fact, an overwhelming 200sq km of the region is navigable including seven rivers and 63 broads.

Taking a boat break is a great way to tour the UK from a different point of view and is a great way to see the fauna and flora that surround the open space. A boat break is also a great way to relax since the boats move along at a very slow pace and offer patrons the freedom of slowly touring towns without the rush of attempting to make a check-in time.

The Broads are often referred to as ‘Britain’s Magical Waterland’ for this reason and are one of the most popular areas in Britain for boaters. Every year thousands of people travel the waterways. Some of the broads are just tiny ponds whereas others are as large as the lakes with most found in the northern section of Broadland.

Up in the Northern area you will also find Ant, Bure, and Thurne. In the South and Central sections of the region you w ill stumble across Yare, Waveney, and Chet. 13 of the Broads are navigable while others have channels that can be travelled as well.

By using the waterways as a form of transportation you can see some great locations such as Caister on Sea, Lowestoft in Suffolk, Acle, Wroxham, and Dudham. In addition, if you take the River Chet you will be able to pass through both Reedham and Loddon.