Best things to see and do in Norfolk,

If you are coming to Norfolk, you will find there is so much to do in the towns and villages here, but you need to stay for longer than a couple of weeks. However, if this is the amount of time you have off work, then you should carefully plan what you want to do in order to make the most of your time here.

As well as the towns and villages, Norfolk has an incredible amount of natural beauty, and it can be a great place to go hiking or go for some gentle walks. There are many trails in the area, and you’ll find that they are well mapped, and easy-to-use. Additionally, if you have come in the warmer months, you’re going to see a huge amount of wildlife, which will be a fascinating experience.

Interestingly, many of the walkways here follow railway lines which are no longer used, which make it very easy walking. This means that you’ll be off the roads for the vast majority of the time, which can be particularly good if you’re travelling with children. Fortunately, most of the routes in this area are circular, so you are sure to remain entertained, and not bothered by the fact that you have to walk back the way you came.

There are also some gardens in this area which are worth visiting. They are a perfect place to escape if you have a very busy life, and want to find a place to just come and relax. They are immensely tranquil, and you will find that you can easily pass an afternoon just relaxing in one of them. One of the most notable has to be the Raveningham Gardens, located in Reedham, which are fantastic walled gardens that were created in the 18th century.