Beneath the Cheddar Gorge

A vast, new area has been discovered deep underground under the renowned Cheddar Gorge, an array of caves in Somerset. A group of cave divers made the discovered after over four years of effort, searching and digging for hours. This new area has been named The Frozen Deep by the group and spans a huge 60 meters wide and 30 meters high, containing everything from calcite formations to purely white columns over five meters tall.

The walls and floor are covered with flowstone, giving the whole place a white look. The group of cave diggers are local to the area and sport the name Tuesday Diggers, having spent four hours a week for four years trying to find a cave like this.

The director of Cheddar Gorge is Hugh Cornwell and he talked to the press recently about the discovery. He praised the group of diggers and said this was a significant discovery, something that is rarely seen by human eyes, and could open a new chapter in cave exploration.

Already, diggers are hard at work trying to find the history of the cave, and whether it has a link to River Cave. Laser surveys of the area have begun, and the walls will be protected from any potential damage, before allowing other cave diggers from exploring it. Longleat, the company that owns Cheddar Gorge, gave the group of diggers exclusive access to it.

The group of diggers started four years ago at Reservoir Hole, which is over 150 metres to the east, and had to dig through many walls and across crevices. After a 20 meter long rift, a large slab of stone had to be removed in order to gain access to this cave. With a 12 meter vertical pitch, the group came upon this new discovery.