Beauty Hotspots of the Lake District

The Lake District is famous for its stunning scenery and places of outstanding natural beauty. It can therefore be a bit hard to know quite where to start when visiting. Because of this, we have come up with our top five beauty hotspots in the Lake District.

Keswick Stone Circle
This is a lovely place to visit if you are looking to mix a walk with scenic views with a solid destination and purpose at the end of it.

The Keswick stone circle is more often referred to as Castlerigg and is reached by taking the Penrith road out of Keswick. It is an ancient stone circle similar to those created by druids, however this actually predates them and dates back to over 3000 years ago.

It is believed that the circle was originally used as a place of worship and also as use as a calendar to help with the timing of planting and harvesting crops. However, now it makes for an interesting relic and it is the setting that really makes this place. It is surrounded by hills and stunning scenery and is home to plenty of wildlife.

Grisedale Pike
If you have a full day to go exploring then this summit is a great place to end up. The summit is over 2500 feet high and gives you an absolutely stunning view of many of the Lakeland Fells. You can see the small white church below Catbells, Derwent Water and Bassenthwaite Lake.

The journey up to the summit is wonderful too with plenty of fauna and views to admire but getting to the top really is a reward. If it is stunning panoramic views that you are looking for then you can’t go far wrong here.

Hay Stacks
Hay Stacks is a stunningly beautiful hill that is littered with interesting rock formations to produce a view well worth bringing the camera for.

It is situated at the South-Eastern end of the Buttermere Valley and is famous in the area due to the writings of Alfred Wainwright who often wrote about the natural beauty of the area.
Alfred Wainwright found this area so pleasing to the eye and so full of inspiration that he actually wanted his ashes scattered here. That is testament to just how beautiful this spot is and why it should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

Aira Force
Aira Force is well known across the country and famous within the Lake District. It is the largest waterfalls in the Lake District area and therefore is a place well worth mentioning in our top five.

The falls themselves are staggering but it is the backdrop that really adds to the whole scene. There is plenty of woodland, flowers and wildlife that surround the falls and the calming sounds add to the natural beauty.
It was this very area that inspired the famous poem “Daffodils” that was written by William Wordsworth.

There would be little point in coming to the Lake District and not seeing some of the lakes that it has to offer. The lakes in the lake district are known for their beauty and on a sunny day there are few places that you would rather be.
Derwentwater is simply wonderful. It is a large lake that is fringed with trees. In the summer the greenness and freshness of it all is wonderful and in the Autumn it is lovely to see the reds and the browns of the leaves reflected in the lake.
This is a great place to take a picnic to enjoy the serenity and views for a long afternoon. Nearby you can also easily reach Catbells and Ashness Bridge which are both also pretty scenes and worth a visit if you have time.