ATP announce suspension of their annual summer camps

After 14 years, All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP), a renowned independent festival promoter in Britain, has announced a suspension of their popular holiday camps. The last festivals, to be held in November will serve as a farewell gesture, and will be held at Camber Sands Holiday Park, in Essex, UK.

On the 22nd – 24th November, the first weekend will kick off in conjunction with the Spanish festival, featuring Television, who will perform their 1977 album, Marquee Moon plus Dinosaur Jr. Les Savy Fav, múm, Oneohtrix Point Never, BEAK> amongst others

On the 29th Nov – 1 Dec, the second weekend will take place, featuring Loop, a reformed art rocker group, and the Pop Group, Fennesz, Edan, 23 Skidoo, amongst others.

The venue is the same one in which ATP launched their first weekend festival, back in 1999. The Bowlie Weekender featured belle & Sebastian, the Scottish indie stars. A tradition of hosting several weekend festivals each year was maintained ever since; with events taking place in the UK, and internationally. Each event featured a well known music band or organization.

The international events hosted by ATP will, however, continue without a hitch. The founder, Barry Hogan, says that he didn’t expect the hosting of a family holiday camp weekend, curated by a single artist, would become so popular. The ideas success mushroomed, due to the fact that people were tired of going for the expensive corporate-sponsored rock events that were so popular in the UK.

The events leave great memories of Matt Groening, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, spending time in a chalet in Pontin’s Holiday Camp, something that was unthinkable at the time. Local artists and participants have made the event to become a roaring success, but the time had come to move on, and let Camber Sands rest in peace.