It is always a great time to visit Edinburgh

Edinburgh, with its cool culture and plenty of laughter, is famous as a great destination to take a break over the weekend. At this time of year, you can take part in their Art and fringe festivals. It also has some of the most renowned sights in Britain including the Royal Mile, the rearing hilltops of Arthur’s Seat and the 12th Century Castle which rises high upon the bluff.

However, those Brits who will visit Edinburgh this summer will have to pay for the treat. This has been shown by a new survey which shows that the city is the most expensive, to take a mini break, in Britain. TripAdvisor, the company that has carried out the survey, says that the Capital of Scotland is the most expensive of 20 major UK cities. This is based on the cost of one night accommodation in a 4-star hotel, including meals for two, taxi home and pre dinner drinks.

The average price for a 4-star hotel booking in Edinburgh came to £207.51 per night. This is £20 above the price of the second most-expensive region, Brighton which stood at £180.12. The third most-expensive region was Cambridge which had an average cost of £173 per night.

It is surprising to see that the survey ranked London as the fourth most-expensive region when it came to costs of staying in a 4-start hotel. The average price ion London came to £159.94, which is almost £50 lower than that for Edinburgh.

The city also ranked as the most expensive when it came to the overall average price of a one-night stay in any hotel. This was based on the price of a night’s accommodation, 2 martinis before having dinner, a meal comprised of steak, chips and a bottle of house wine, eaten by two people, and taking a taxi back to their home at the end of the evening; all amounting to £298.46.