Airline snobbery is alive and kicking

According to a survey done by, the online travel agent, around 21% of air passengers choose the airline to travel with because of the reputation is has. These passengers are commonly referred to as “airline snobs”.

This survey was conducted among 2265 UK travellers who had flown abroad for their abroad in the past twelve months. 65% of those who were surveyed indicated that they would behave in a different manner when travelling with an up market airline, while 9% of the passengers determined the kind of airline to travel in depending on the attractiveness of the cabin crew.

When deciding on the particular airline they wanted to fly with, the cost of the flight was the deciding factor. The second determining factor was the flight times and the luggage allowance.

33% of those who were interviewed said that they would treat cabin crew with more respect if they were travelling in a high-class airline while 46% indicated that they would be more likely to file a complaint when travelling with a budget carrier.

Some of the things that would make a passenger not want to use a particular flight include rude staff, a disorderly check in process and hidden costs. Around 25% said that they would not book with a specific airline if they read bad reviews online from previous passengers.

The Managing director of, Chris Clarkson, said that although many people choose a particular flight or airline based on the cost, it was interesting to know that some people would avoid a certain airline just to avoid a certain kind of passenger.