A Welsh Staycation

After trying to find somewhere to go abroad for a few days as a city break or just a weekend away, I gave up after finding nothing but extortionate prices with holiday companies trying to take advantage of the two bank holidays we had in quick succession, and instead opted for a ‘staycation’ in Wales for a weekend.

As we did it at short notice, alot of the good/cheap accommodation was booked up, and what was left didn’t really take our fancy, until I came across the wonderful Borthwen Barns holiday cottages , a set of converted barns in Anglesey that were ideal for a few days away.

After a couple of friends had been to Anglesey for a few days a couple of weeks earlier, I checked the weather and found that it was going to be around 19/20 degrees, hot enough to sit out and get sunburnt (as I later found out.)

After a couple of hours drive, we found the Borthwen Barns, and were greeted by Catherine; the lady who runs the accommodation who was extremely helpful and polite, who let us in and showed us round. After giving us a complimentary bottle of wine and a guide book, she left us to it and said if we need anything to give her a shout.

Fast forward 2 hours – we’ve found Morrisons and bought enough food & drink to do us for the next few days (no thanks to my satnav which was about as useful as a chocolate teapot), and we were ready to go out for tea; and this was where the problem started. I hadn’t read up online where to go, as someone had given me a guide to eating out in Anglesey, however we were in the middle of nowhere and the satnav didn’t work, and I forgot to take a map, so we drove round aimlessly looking to find somewhere to get a nice meal out. Eventually we found a pub called the Bull in, and the food  sounded and smelt a disgrace, so we opted for a Chinese takeout which looked and tasted like it had been made with the poorest quality ingredients possible.

On Sunday morning, I woke at 6 to see the weather was glorious out again, so decided we were off to the beach. There’s a small beach within 2 minutes walk from the barns, however it was a bit too windy down there making it cold – we did get greeted by a couple of horses on the way though.

I called up a mate to get the postcode for Rhoscolyn beach, as my satnav finally decided to get signal, and after negotiating my way down the narrow track to get to the beach car park, we found a spot and sat off for an hour in the sun, only for it to get windy again and to get sand blown in my face for 25 mins non stop.

We got back to the car, and headed to Trearddur Bay; as there was a bigger beach there and we were hoping it wouldn’t be as windy. We parked up, and walked down the beach and found an ideal spot bang in the middle, not a cloud in the sky, it was hot, sunny and not too many screaming kids about – what more could I ask for?

I decided to try and get in the sea, as I hadn’t set foot in the sea for a few years (my last holidays have been city breaks), but after venturing down to the water, I got about 2 foot in before it was stupidly cold and I had to turn back; I’ve no idea how people were swimming in there as it wasn’t just cold, it was f*cking freezing!

Back on the beach, we sat off and enjoyed the sun after it had been raining non stop for weeks near where I live and work, but I forgot suncream, and when I got back into the car you could tell I burn easily – my legs were pink and I looked like a typical Brit on holiday with a sunburnt head and pink legs.

Returning to our barn, I got the sand out my ears and we headed out for tea, this time I decided on going somewhere in the guide provided to us, and set off on a road trip round Anglesey trying to find it. In typical fashion, the satnav decided it couldn’t be arsed working, so we followed the roads and eventually found “The Clipping Inn”, where it wasn’t too busy, the food was nice and it wasn’t over priced.

Stuffed and tired, we decided to watch Paranormal Activity 2, but towards the end the dvd went off and wouldn’t work – perhaps it was the ghost in the film telling us not to watch it as it was crap.

After breakfast, we cleaned the kitchen and headed home, stopping at Llandudno on the way to try and have a go on one of the speedboat trips from the waterfront; but the tide was in and the boats were nowhere to be seen. I bought the obligatory sticks of rock for my dad, and got back on the road to head home.

All in all, it was great to be away from work, busy motorways and away from a PC for a weekend, even if I did get sunburnt and my legs were still itching a week later!