A look at the Lincolnshire town of Skegness

A relatively small town in Lincolnshire by the name of Skegness is home to a coastline along the North Sea. While the coastline itself is around 40 miles in length, the town of Skegness has a population of only 19,000. The holiday park that is located there, Butlins, is one of the most well known in the country, and Skegness has a long and diverse history.

Skegness is an extremely popular tourist town in the area and the people here have profited from parks such as Butlins bringing in the tourists. It was also the site of the UK’s first Dutch settlement in the 1600’s and it is thought it’s name comes from the Dutch word Skegg, which means beard. Visitors can now visit a museum to find out some of the ancient history of this town, such as its language and culture.

To this day, Skegness remains a popular tourist attraction because of what it has to offer. Few towns now can offer a traditional, very authentic seaport that has not suffered from modern tourism, and was not modified to accept large scale vessels. Much of its history is involved with the fishing community and the towns maritime connections, but it is tourism that is now the biggest contributor to the town’s economy.

Well worth a visit is the ancient rail station, which brought a lot of changes to the town in 1875. From an isolated fishing village, it quickly transformed into a town that was a hub for the surrounding area. Nature lovers too will not find a more perfect location, as the area is filled with beautiful nature elements and a countryside undisturbed by civilisation.

Even though thousands of people now call Skegness home, they have very much maintained a traditional way of life. Whether you go there for the fishing, the coast line or the beaches themselves, you will not be disappointed by what the area has to offer.