A horse riding holiday

Whether you are an experienced horse rider or an absolute beginner, a holiday at one of the hundreds of residential equestrian centres in the UK will definitely be a break with a difference. You can learn new skills or develop old ones, have fun doing something as a family and get to enjoy the beautiful British countryside from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

With a choice of almost 350 equestrian holiday destinations, there is bound to be a centre not far from whichever area of Britain you want to visit; whether you have your heart set on the Scottish Highlands, the Yorkshire Moors or the Norfolk Broads. Some centres specialise in certain types of riding, such as cross country or show-jumping, while others cater to families with young children, many of whom will be having their first experience on the back of a horse.

Spend your holiday at equestrian centres that promise to take visitors on rides in the surrounding countryside and take the chance to appreciate the gentle, natural scenery of the New Forest or the Scottish Borders while your four-legged friends does the work. Dressage holidays will probably involve more time at the centre itself, learning the very particular skills needed for this kind of riding.

Just because you are taking a holiday where the focus is on outdoor activities doesn’t mean that residents need to rough it while on an equestrian holiday. Some centres only provide basic dormitory accommodation, but there is growing demand for luxury hotel rooms to go alongside the range of equestrian activities. These tend to be less popular with families and attract more couples or older women on hen parties.

Whichever option suits you best, you can be sure that a holiday at an equestrian centre will be one that you will never forget and it is a truly unique way to enjoy everything that the British countryside has to offer.