The River Thames is once again the heart of London

It is possible to write an entire book about the tourist attractions to be found in London, but as most visitors are usually only in the city for a long weekend at the most, there are a few sights and activities that everyone should make sure they see and do.

The River Thames is the heart of London and has been cleaned up beyond all recognition in recent years. As well as boat trips, a great way to see the riverside buildings and monuments, it is now possible to enjoy a number of water-based activities on the Thames, such as rowing, speed boat trips and even fishing.

Wildlife fans may prefer to see their creatures living rather than on the end of a hook, in which case London Zoo is a must-see. Still popular with families, the huge zoological park is home to dozens of species and kids will love the guided night-time safari. There are other parks and gardens in London, which is a surprisingly green city; these offer a great opportunity for children to let off some steam before you head to another historical building or museum.

When it comes to history, London is home to some of the most iconic buildings and monuments in the world; from Big Ben to Tower Bridge, children and adults of all ages will be thrilled to see these famous sights in the flesh.

No trip to London would be complete without at least a little window shopping. Whether you head to the designer boutiques of Kensington or the huge superstores on Oxford Street it will be difficult to stop yourself from picking up a few souvenirs.

Even kids who usually can’t stand shopping will be captivated by Hamley’s toy store; parents may even need to bribe them with a trip to one of the capital’s theme parks to persuade them to leave. Some of the most popular amusement attractions include Diggerland, Coral Reef Waterworld and the recently-opened Land of the Vikings.