10 Ways to Avoid Boredom in the Airport

How is it that when you’ve got a two hour wait for canal root treatment at the dentists, it passes like two seconds, but when you’ve got an hour to kill before your flight to go on holiday, it feels like an entire century has been and gone after ten minutes? So if you haven’t got enough time to explore the city you’re in (or you have a paranoid travelling-buddy who won’t leave for fear of the plane going without you), but sitting and staring at the clock just won’t cut it, we’ve compiled the best things to do in the airport

People watching

There are two types of people in this world: those who think it’s weird to people watch, and those who think it’s weird that people don’t people watch. In an airport, you would have to be extremely dull and/or blind to avoid people watching – with all the hellos and goodbyes, it’s like your very own, live TV show. And the best part – you get to narrate it, decide on the backstories, and what’s going on.


You can get these really cool things called books, they’re made out of paper, ink and glue, and they contain some pretty cool stuff. Not many people seem to know what they are anymore, but surprisingly they can be a great way to while away long waits. Pick one up next time you’re sat at the airport with a few hours to kill, and you might be surprised how quickly the time goes.


Better yet, write something: stay one step ahead and write all your postcards if you’re going on holiday or try to create the next bestseller (although please not another Fifty Shades, especially if you’re writing in a public space). You could be super friendly and hide notes around the airport for people who might need a bit of a lift.

Talk to a stranger

Don’t be creepy, just say hi – what’s the worst that can happen? You might end up with a new best friend. You can almost guarantee they’re just as bored as you, so take a chance and speak up. Although choose your person wisely: if they have their head down in a stack of paperwork or a book, interrupting them probably won’t go down too well.

Take photos

Act like a tourist in the airport by getting people to take photos of you with completely run of the mill objects – magazine stands, toilets, random people. Remember to act in a typical obnoxious tourist-y way as well. You could also get really good at taking photos of aeroplanes, although some airlines might not be too keen on this.

Annoy your travelling-partner

Hopefully if you’re travelling with someone, you shouldn’t be bored, but if you have exhausted every word in the English language, and played I-Spy for a few hours, then why not try annoying them? Note – this may be quite dangerous if you’re only just leaving to go somewhere: you don’t want to end up on your own, or trying to kill each other in a foreign country.  One of the best, most exasperating things to do is to pretend you have no idea who this person is. Shoot them weird looks when they speak to you, shift up seats, and roll your eyes at other people waiting. See what lengths your mate will go to, to prove he knows you.


What better way to pass your time than just to get hideously drunk? Have a riot at the airport, and sleep it off on the plane. Perfect. However, it’s not advised you do this if travelling with/for work, or in the company of your boss…

Make a video worthy of going viral

This seems to be the number one thing to do when you’re bored at the airport – do something idiotic/genius/weird, film it, put it on YouTube, and just wait until the Huffington Post finds you.


Travelling involves a lot of sitting down – waiting for your plane, then waiting for it to land – so why not catch up on a bit of exercise before you go? It’s healthy, and it works as a last minute effort towards any beach body plans you’ve got. Yoga should help relax any nervous flyers as well. So, if you don’t care what people think of you, and you’re happy to strut your stuff in front of large group of people, then roll out your mat, and work on your workout.

Buy useless stuff

Some people eat when they’re bored, others shop. Be in the shopping minority, and spend all your holiday money in the gift shops before you’ve even left the airport. Not only can you stock up on novelty toys, you could get all your holiday presents sorted before you even leave the country. You might want to think up a good excuse if any relatives question why you’ve got them an ‘I LOVE LONDON’ t-shirt, when you actually went to New York.
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This article was written by Harry Peters of travel website Just The Flight. Visit them online at http://www.justtheflight.co.uk/