10 of the Most Remote Beaches in the UK

The UK may not be a destination for tropical beach holidays, but it does have its fair share of romantic coves and distant shorelines. Whether traipsing the Scottish coast or escaping to scenic isles such as Guernsey or Iona, here are 10 beaches that offer a remote kind of beauty that aren’t far to get to.

Traigh Ban, Colonsay by Nige Brown
Attribution-NonCommercial License
1) Traigh Ban – Iona
Traigh Ban is found at the northern end of Iona and is also known as ‘White Strand of the Monks’. Peaceful and private, there is calm and solitude to enjoy on this remote beach, where white shells, seaweed and rocks mingle in sea-washed harmony.

2) Portheras Cove – Cornwall
On Penwith Peninsula lies a picturesque beach hidden within Portheras Cove. Pristine with fine white sand, boulders are scattered beneath the cove’s stony cliffs. Remote and secluded, Portheras can be reached on foot from Pendeen Watch Lighthouse.

3) Sands of Mussetter – Orkney
A low rise of grasses and sand dunes overlooks the Sands of Mussetter. Away from the crowds, the white sand is light and plentiful, and the water is clear and turquoise. It’s a beach to have all to yourself on the isle of Eday.

4) Tor Bay – Gower
Located on the Gower coastline in Wales, Tor Bay has a distinctive U-shaped beach. It is sheltered by towering cliffs and overlooked by an old geological formation called Great Tor. It is accessible via adjacent beaches and coastal pathways.

5) Moulin Huet – Guernsey
Edged with jagged rocks and pale sands, Moulin Huet is ideal to wander at low tide. Once painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, out-of-towners can book a vehicle from Alamo car hire or similar rental business to visit this tranquil spot on Guernsey.

6) Harlech Beach – Gwynedd
Stretching into the distance, Harlech Beach features several miles of flat sand and a network of expansive sand dunes with rare plant species. Situated within the boundaries of Snowdonia National Park, this Welsh beach is majestically watched over by Harlech Castle.

7) West Sandwick Beach – Shetlands
The Shetland Islands have remote beaches by the dozen. One of the best to visit is West Sandwick Beach on Yell. A favourite hangout point for wild birds and local otter colonies, West Sandwick is a delightful beach from which to gaze at nearby islands.

8) Sandwood Bay – Sutherland
One of the highlights of visiting north-west Scotland is Sandwood Bay. Described as one of the UK’s most unspoilt beaches, its golden sands beckon nature-loving travellers to the Scottish Highlands. Under the management of the John Muir Trust, Sandwood Bay is one of the most beautiful, remote beaches you’ll find on the UK mainland.

9) Chesil Beach – Dorset
Accompanied by the Fleet Lagoon, Chesil Beach is a spectacular natural feature in Dorset. Thickly lined with pebbles, there are miles and miles to walk beside an indigo-blue sea. The beach has also been designated by UNESCO as part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.

10) Druridge Bay – Northumberland
Strewn with grasses and wild ground cover, Druridge Bay faces the sea with seven miles of glorious, open coastline. Honey-coloured sand and white, frothing breakers welcome beachcombers to an expanse that has sand dunes and shallow tidal pools for curious exploring.